Rabu, 21 November 2012


Again Sunday (November 18, 2012) I and Dayat was invited to Beijing Bird Watchers Society (BBWS) for birdwatching in the Miyun Reservoir. This location is in the Miyun, the Google Maps location is within 102 km from Beijing. An agricultural region with a wide lake.

 The Student with 'thermos flask' camera (big size lens) make me jealous

I came out of the apartment with a bike ride right after dawn prayers at 5:40. Outside it was still dark and quite cold. I wear a winter jacket that I bought in Yashow at the beginning of October yesterday.
I had to Zhongguancun station before 6:20 a.m., because we have to get together at that time. My principles if late to the bus this morning, I'm going back to my room and then sleep again. Last night I slept at 1:00 and woke up at 5:00, so it was still sleepy.
It turns out the number 355 bus quickly came. I immediately went inside and sat at the back near the door. Early morning passengers still small, only about 8 people, and most old peoples.10 minutes before the bus was to stop Zhongguancun station.
In Zhongguancun, and I and Dayat got a call from a friend BBWS-Li Bao- if we must collect in Hadianguancun Station. Pretty close, about 1 Km. Finally we get there soon.
Li Bao is give warning to Dayat if people not to smoke in Forest Park while birdwatching weekend. He is also an enthusiastic showing names and pictures of birds in Field Book of Birds in China

Then we followed him to walk toward the building behind the station. There was a building such as a school, the gate was closed with one guard. Turns out it was Middle School. Shortly afterwards one bus capacity of 40 people and 1 minibus capacity of 15 people came.
Then followed a few students who turned out was junior high school. That makes me and Dayat jealous because they are carrying an expensive DSLR camera with a 'thermos-flask' (big size 500mm lens).
Housing conditions of residents in rural areas

Travel outside of Beijing along a deserted highway. There are only 2-3 vehicles. Very different to the Indonesian which toll roads full of vehicles. Right side of the road is full of rocks and hills trees leaves twigs and branches, because its leaves in the winter moult.
Group then passes some rural farmland empty. May have just harvested. In front of the houses look much corn pile. Some seed corn drying on a small road near his home. There are also some models of greenhouses with permanent buildings with tarps to cover an area of ​​about 30x6 meters.
Around 08.30 the group stopped in transit locations. Several people, including the bus driver to the toilet. I also go to the toilet. I use baby wipes to wash the filth from being exposed.

Then the group left again. 30 minutes later we stopped at the edge of a river bridge which is quite large with some 'grass land' (grassland). We went straight down. Which leads directly monocular camera equipment and set up equipment. Some young teachers also issued a thermos-flask camera.
Birdwatching in the bridge. Quite of ducks in the river.

Bird in this location is kind of duck. There are also certain types of birds whose names I forget, because I was busy taking pictures of students engrossed with the DSLR Camera. Each discovered a new type of Li Bao shows pictures and names of Latin on us.
The journey continues around 20 Km. Then enter the open rural land, no crops. The ground road. Apparently the road was closed by some residents for drying corn kernels, as in Indonesia, the drying of grain on the road.

Finally, we reverse the direction. Group into another location. Agricultural areas as well, but there is a lake. This is the Miyun Reservoir. The land is like kind grumusol, feels tough, sticky and slippery shoes. We have to be careful as the road. Not too cold outside, but still have to wear a jacket, gloves and headwear. Especially me.
The lake is very broad, as there are fishing boats as well. Some of the cars seen at the edge of the lake. Apparently they angler/fisherman. The majority of water birds such as duck, goose, and swan.
The many types of duck while swimming in the lake, standing on the edge of the lake, and when the fly makes stunning scenery. Especially for me the first time it saw. Subhanallah, it is The Greatness of God creating extraordinary creatures.

Everything is right in a comfortable position to photograph and observe with binocular or monocular.
When encountered all kinds of new interested to observe and photograph. Like when seen raptor kind Harrier was flying a large enough soaring. Then the type of shore bird other than duck-goose-swan. Must be observant to find the type of shore bird because there are only one or two individuals in the lake da tone among many duck. The body color almost similar to the duck and the environment. Pretty good camouflage.
Our long enough at this location. Until students are issued a packed lunch. The majority of bringing lunch of bread, one or two people bring their lunch of rice. Good thing I brought bread and snack chips. Not bad for the stomach are hungry faster because of the cold.
I give Dayat bread because he hadn’t a breakfast. Coffee ‘tongkat ali’ from Malaysia that are in the flask pretty cure your thirst and keep warm. I fell fresh. Li Bao bring some oranges, he shared with friends each one including me and Dayat. I can only share a snack of chips that I bought yesterday at the campus store.
We are satisfied at this location. I'm also quite pleased with the pictures taken in front of the lake. Enough to publish on Facebook, hehehee,,J.

Around 14:00 we walked away towards the bus. Along the way our eyes stay alert to observe if there is another type. It was true. We find a new type that was perched on the dried corn. Soon some people pull out the camera.
At 14:30 the bus we had to walk away to Beijing again. The majority of the passengers slept during the trip, including me, Dayat and Li Bao. I do Dhuhur and Asr  prayings in the bus.
Until proper school again at 17:00, fortunately I did Maghrib prayings. Then we all went out to the school. All the students had gone home. We joined some teachers to go into a laboratory.

In front of the laboratory there is room display cabinet with many species of birds that have been offset. One is the large size of the eagle. There is also another panda in the window, the size of sea turtles with almost 1 meter size, monkeys, and lizards.
Camera was brought in one of his teachers is the school facility. Facilities are expensive. In the laboratory there are several books and magazines or journals. Apparently the school magazine that contains activities in nature, very interesting lesson method, especially in nature.
We also met senior teachers and get acquainted. Then we were invited to dinner at a restaurant near the school. We entered the restaurant maintained her privacy, which is one room only 1 table with 10 chairs.
Dayat tell Li Bao if we are Muslim. We also talked about the birds in China and Indonesia. Especially Dayat that his professor’s conduct research on the spread of the green jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) in Asia and Africa.

From 18:20 o'clock we had to finish at 19.30. we would like to thank the senior teachers who have been treating us. We go home.
The night before bed I squeeze in writing birdwatching experience in Miyun Reservoir in Indonesia Community website in China in www.mumpungkumpul.com. Ah, it was amemorable trip. No loss leave  Forestry Economy class on this morning. 

Beijing, November 21, 2012, 09.00 a.m.

Rabu, 14 November 2012

BEIJING BIRDWATCHING SOCIETY (1): The South Gate of Forest Park

 Birdwatching on winter season .. brrrr.. hen leng (very cold)

This Sunday (November 11, 2012) I had plans with Dayat (Indonesian friend who studies at the China Academy of Animal Science) to participate in the event Beijing Bird Watchers Society (BBWS) at the South Gate of Forest Park, near the Olympic Stadium complex. Almost every week, BBWS holding birdwatching with the location toggle scope Beijing. Occasional out of Beijing.

I depart from Beijing Forestry University (BJFU) campus at 07.00 a.m. Very cold outside, especially when the wind blows. Good thing I double wear sweater, T-Shirt inside, and  the jacket (thin jacket). I wrap the scarf around the neck for warmth. I quickly pedal bicycles to the Wudaokou Station. I parked the bike right in front of the A and I keys. Alhamdulillah (thank’s for God) fast train coming. Directly to Zhicunlu Station.

As soon as I met Dayat, we directly go towards the train line 10 Beitucheng Station. This trip through 3 stations (Xitucheng, Mudanyuan, and Jiandemen). Once we moved Beitucheng train, to line 8. Our goal is to train South Gate of Forest Park. This trip through 2 stations (Olympic Sports Center and the Olympic Park).

The ride was pretty short, only about 20 minutes we had reached Station South Gate of Forest Park. Until the location at 08.05. Turns out his friend Dayat not come. We are asked to find their own group of people who took the bird watcher as monocular and binocular.

Alhamdulillah immediately met. A group of about 15 people. They just preparing to check and install equipment. Monocular mounted on a tripod, binoculars hung around his neck, and the size of 300-500mm lens mounted on a DSLR camera.

The South Gate of Forest Park is very broad, there are small lakes and rivers as well. That's great for family vacation, and free ticket. The place is also neat. There are some parts of the plant fir, there are also areas of dry grassland with water/river.

Main Gate of Sout Gate of Forest Park (Beautiful Lake)

Several mallard (duck) playing in a pool/lake prairie region. There are several wooden bridges that divide these watery grassland, and can serve visitors enjoy the area. If the visitor will see some kind of meticulous duck, a kind heron, and water birds (shore birds).

Birdwaching in the bridge with divided the grassland

Many locations that can be used for pre-wedding photography, as the majority view was gorgeous. There is a needle leaf forest 'pine', broadleaf plant forests, blue lakes and clean, and the watery grassland.

The bridge wich divided the grassland: the nice place for birdwatching & pre/post wedding

The condition was very cold outside, let alone that brought the cold wind is always blowing. What form of forest area that is not so heavy, the vast waters, the more support for the constantly blowing wind. All wore heavy jackets, especially China friends who wear special jackets winter.

Just me and Dayat feel cold. We were difficult to observe birds, especially Dayat the shooting with his Nikon DSLR. Difficult with cold hands. Fortunately, bird watching is conducted by continuously walking, almost never sit down to rest, so pretty can overcome the cold.

BBWS Group comprises a mixture of ages and backgrounds. Starting from the young student to the peoples of middle-aged. Its amazing man, besides bringing monocular/binocular also carrying expensive cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark with 300-500mm lens.

In addition to academics students and faculty, there is also a birdwatcher from the entrepreneur or businesswoman. The businesswoman even had to Jakarta, Surabaya and Borobudur!!

Nothing brings binocular/monocular that digiscoping with a pocket camera. In Indonesia, many of the students who use these technical digiscoping, due to limited funds to have a DSLR camera and lens size. Maybe someday we will be pioneered. Moreover Dayat already bought new binoculars. China genuine products using German engineering. Insya Allah (God willing), I'll buy these binoculars.

Initially we were walking in the area of ​​pine forests. At this location we found the bird bulbul or similar types of finches (Kutilang) in Indonesia. Then switch to the location of the pasture. Here we find many kinds of Duck, as Mallard.

Male duck green and white while swimming in the water will be followed by 2-3 females are white-brown makes very interesting sights. It was God's perfect creation. Occasionally seen a duck fly, then land in the water. Allahu Akbar (The Great God), incredible creatures while collaborating in nature.

Male mallard (species of duck) swimming with 2 female ducks

 Mallard flies

Although we remain cold, our spirit and enjoy this birdwatching. Moreover, supported by the many visitors who do not exist in this region. Factor winter to cause least possible visitors. Occasionally seen some visitors sightseeing with a camera and a cane to assist walking. There is also an exercise jogging or running.

Interesting moment is when watching the species of shore bird from the wooden bridge that divide the watery grassland. We also saw Raptor (Accipiter nesus) flying, like chasing type Magpay. Dayat seemed delighted at the sight of Raptor.

Shore/water bird watching

Another preoccupation when observing bird species 'coney bush' and camouflaged hiding in the bush. It looks like the nest is in the bush, because the birds are always in that location. For the first time I can see birds bush types very clearly. At Merapi I never saw the original shape of bush birds, only to hear his voice. As soon as we approached the bird quickly disappeared.

Our group leader was a Laoshi (teacher/lecturer) middle-aged woman. She was very alert, energetic and spirit carry his tripod-mounted monocular and binocular which sometimes hung around her neck. There are no signs of fatigue despite carrying monocular plus tripod is not light.

He had good command of the field. A reliable guide. He is very good at showing the location of certain types of birds. Unfortunately he was not so master the English language.

Fortunately, there are a few friends can understand English. Even they enthusiastically share their knowledge with us. Once we found the birds, they go directly to open the China bird identification book and shows a picture of a bird and the name of its species. Some of them also show the images obtained from the camera.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

After touring the area, at around 12:20 we decided to finish and go home. Some people split up because towards another gate. When located near a large lake, suddenly we saw a kind of heron.

Directly we put up the tools and started shooting. Binocular Dayat still not very clear to see the type of crane. The distance can not be reached with the instrument's 8 times magnification. Only monocular really can see clearly.

Beautifully place!

Apparently herons was standing motionless in a lake on the edge of the meadow. The color is gray and white. Once satisfied bird watching, we walked towards the archway.

At the gate, we packed up, put equipment into the bag. Then one reads the results of birdwatching. There are 21 species that we get today. Pretty good too.

We are very pleased to birdwatching at this location. Very interesting and awake. Even should not smoke in this area. Dayat who just enjoys first cigarette immediately asked to put out his cigarette. A Birdwatcher tell Dayat that prohibited smoking in the region. Amazing ..

It's my first's time and amazing, birdwatching in winter with thick clothing. Really want to go back to this location, to explore and feel the difference the moment, will there be additional species list??

Beijing, November 13, 2012, 10.20 p.m. 

Hari Ahad ini (11 November 2012) aku ada rencana dengan Dayat (teman Indonesia yang studi di China Academy of Animal Science) untuk ikut acara Beijing Bird Watcher Society (BBWS) di South Gate of Forest Park, dekat kompleks Stadion Olympic. Hampir tiap pekan, BBWS mengadakan pengamatan burung dengan lokasi berpindah-pindah di lingkup Beijing. Sesekali keluar dari Beijing.

Aku berangkat dari kampus Beijing Forestry University pukul 07.00. Di luar sangat dingin, apalagi saat angin bertiup. Untung aku pakai dobel sweater, di dalam kaos krah dan luar jaket merah merapi.  Di leher aku lilitkan syal agar hangat. Aku cepat-cepat kayuh sepeda ke Stasiun Wudaokou. Sepeda aku parkir tepat di depan pintu A dan aku kunci.
Alhamdulillah kereta cepat datang. Langsung menuju Stasiun Zhicunlu.

Begitu aku ketemu Dayat, kami langsung masuk kereta line 10 menuju Stasiun Beitucheng. Perjalanan ini melewati 3 stasiun (Xitucheng, Mudanyuan, dan Jiandemen). Begitu sampai Beitucheng kami pindah kereta, ke line 8. Tujuan kami adalah stasiun South Gate of Forest Park. Perjalanan ini melewati 2 stasiun (Olympic Sports Center dan Olympic Park).

Perjalanan yang lumayan singkat, hanya sekitar 20 menit kami sudah sampai Stasiun South Gate of Forest Park. Sampai lokasi pukul 08.05. Ternyata temannya Dayat tidak datang. Kita diminta mencari sendiri serombongan orang yang membawa perangkat bird watcher seperti monokuler dan binokuler.

Alhamdulillah langsung ketemu. Satu rombongan sekitar 15 orang. Mereka baru persiapan dengan mengecek dan memasang peralatan. Monokuler dipasang di tripod, binokuler digantung di leher, dan lensa ukuran 300-500mm dipasang di kamera DSLR.

Kawasan South Gate of Forest Park sangat luas, ada danau kecilnya dan sungainya juga. Bagus sekali untuk wisata keluarga, apalagi biaya masuk gratis. Lokasi juga tertata rapi. Ada beberapa bagian tumbuhan cemara, ada juga kawasan padang rumput yang kering dengan air yang menggenanginya.

Beberapa bebek liar (duck) asyik bermain di kolam/danau kawasan padang rumput. Ada beberapa jembatan kayu yang membelah padang rumput berair ini, dan dapat dipakai pengunjung menikmati kawasan. Kalau pengunjung teliti akan terlihat beberapa jenis duck, sejenis bangau (heron), dan burung air (shore birds).

Banyak lokasi yang dapat dipakai untuk pre-wedding photography, karena mayoritas pemandangan sangat cantik. Ada kawasan hutan daun jarum ‘pinus’, hutan tumbuhan daun lebar, danau yang berwarna biru dan bersih, serta kawasan padang rumput berair.

Kondisi di luar ternyata sangat dingin, apalagi angin yang membawa rasa dingin senantiasa bertiup. Lokasi berupa area hutan yang tidak begitu lebat, dengan kawasan perairan yang luas, semakin menunjang angin untuk senantiasa bertiup. Semua memakai jaket tebal, khususnya teman China yang memakai jaket khusus musim dingin.

Hanya aku dan Dayat yang kelihatan kedinginan. kami-pun susah untuk mengamati burung, apalagi Dayat yang memotret dengan DSLR Nikon-nya. Susah dengan tangan yang kedinginan. Untung bird watching ini dilakukan dengan terus menerus berjalan, hampir tidak pernah duduk istirahat, sehingga lumayan dapat mengatasi rasa dingin.

Rombongan BBWS terdiri campuran usia dan latar belakang. Mulai dari tingkat mahasiswa yang masih muda sampai bapak-bapak dan ibu-ibu paruh baya. Yang amazing bapak-bapak tersebut, selain membawa monokuler/binokuler juga menenteng kamera mahal seperti Canon EOS 5D Mark dengan lensa ukuran 300-500mm.

Selain akademisi mahasiswa dan dosen, juga ada birdwatcher dari kalangan wiraswasta atau pebisnis. Seperti seorang ibu muda yang berprofesi sebagai Bussinessman. Beliau bahkan pernah ke Jakarta, Surabaya dan Borobudur!!

Tidak ada yang membawa binokuler/monokuler yang digiscoping dengan kamera pocket. Di Indonesia banyak dari mahasiswa yang menggunakan teknis digiscoping ini, karena keterbatasan biaya untuk memiliki kamera DSLR dan lensa besarnya. Mungkin kelak kami yang akan memelopori. Apalagi Dayat sudah membeli binokuler baru. Asli produk China yang menggunakan teknik Jerman. Insya Allah aku juga akan beli binokuler tersebut.

Awalnya kami berjalan di area hutan pinus. Di lokasi ini kami menemukan burung jenis bulbul atau sejenis kutilang di Indonesia. Kemudian beralih ke lokasi padang rumput. Disini kami banyak menemukan jenis Duck, seperti Malar.

Bebek jantan yang berwarna hijau dan putih saat berenang di air akan diikuti 2-3 ekor betina yang berwarna putih-coklat menjadikan pemandangan sangat menarik. Sungguh ciptaan Tuhan yang sempurna. Sesekali terlihat bebek terbang, kemudian mendarat di air. Subhanallah, sungguh luar biasa ciptaan-Nya saat berkolaborasi di alam.

Walaupun kami tetap kedinginan, kami semangat dan menikmati birdwatching ini. Apalagi ditunjang dengan tidak banyaknya pengunjung yang ada di kawasan ini. Factor musim dingin dimungkinkan menjadi penyebab sedikitnya pengunjung. Sesekali terlihat beberapa pengunjung tamasya dengan membawa kamera dan tongkat untuk membantu berjalan. Ada juga yang berolahraga jogging atau lari.

Momen yang menarik adalah saat mengamati burung jenis shore bird (burung di air) di jembatan kayu yang membelah padang rumput. Kami juga melihat Raptor jenis Accipiter nesus yang terbang, sepertinya mengejar jenis Magpay. Dayat tampak gembira sekali begitu melihat Raptor.

Keasyikan lainnya adalah saat mengamati burung jenis ‘pelanduk semak’ yang bersembunyi dan berkamuflase di semak. Sepertinya sarangnya ada di dalam semak tersebut, karena burung tersebut senantiasa berada di lokasi tersebut. Baru kali ini aku dapat melihat burung jenis pelanduk semak dengan sangat jelas. Di Merapi tidak pernah aku melihat bentuk asli jenis burung pelandung semak, hanya mendengar suaranya saja. Begitu kami dekati burung itu cepat menghilang.

Pemimpin rombongan kami adalah seorang Laoshi (guru/dosen) ibu paruh baya. Beliau sangat sigap, cekatan dan semangat membawa monokuler yang terpasang di tripodnya, serta binokuler yang kadang tergantung di lehernya. Tidak ada tanda-tanda kelelahan walaupun membawa monokuler plus tripod yang tidak ringan.

Beliau sangat menguasai medan. Guide yang handal. Beliau sangat piawai dalam menunjukkan lokasi jenis burung-burung tertentu. Sayang beliau tidak begitu menguasai bahasa Inggris.

Untung ada beberapa teman dapat mengerti Bahasa Inggris. Bahkan mereka antusias berbagi ilmu kepada kami. Begitu menemukan jenis burung, mereka langsung membuka buku identifikasi Burung China dan menunjukkan gambar burung serta nama jenisnya. Beberapa dari mereka juga memperlihatkan hasil foto yang diperoleh dari kamera.

Setelah berkeliling kawasan, sekitar pukul 12.20 kami putuskan untuk selesai dan pulang. Beberapa orang berpisah karena menuju pintu gerbang lain. Saat berada di dekat danau yang besar, tiba-tiba kami melihat sejenis bangau.

Langsung kami memasang alat dan mulai membidik. Binokuler Dayat masih belum begitu jelas melihat jenis bangau tersebut. Jarak yang cukup jauh tidak dapat dijangkau alat dengan perbesaran 8 kali ini. Hanya monokuler yang benar-benar dapat melihat dengan jelas.

Ternyata bangau (heron) seekor sedang berdiri mematung dalam danau di pinggir padang rumput. Warnanya abu-abu dan putih. Begitu puas mengamati burung tersebut, kami berjalan menuju pintu gerbang stasiun.

Di pintu gerbang ini kami berkemas, memasukkan peralatan ke dalam tas. Kemudian salah seorang membacakan hasil birdwatching. Ada 21 jenis yang kami peroleh pada hari ini. Cukup bagus juga.

Kami sangat puas dapat birdwatching di lokasi ini. Sangat menarik dan terjaga. Bahkan tidak boleh merokok di kawasan ini. Dayat yang baru saja menikmati rokok pertamanya langsung diminta untuk mematikan rokoknya. Seorang Birdwatcher memberitahu Dayat bahwa dilarang merokok dalam kawasan ini. Menakjubkan ..

Pengalaman pertama dan amazing, birdwatching saat musim dingin dengan pakaian tebal. Sungguh ingin kembali ke lokasi ini, ingin eksplorasi dan merasakan saat beda musim, akankah ada tambahan list species??